School for Living Ethics

The fundamental ethical education of the spiritualized, cultured people of the future is a prerequisite for successful action in all situations in life and is communicated by the school for Living Ethics in the following 36 introductory lessons. Here you have the possibility to download free literature as a PDF file. Gratuitous transfer of media and printing is allowed. To open and print the files, you need the program “Acrobat Reader” which is  available for free on the Adobe web site.
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We are looking for qualified translators to translate the compilation of the writings of Leobrand out of German.

Overview of the „letters on living ethics, Introduction to Agni yoga“ from LEOBRAND:

    Basic information ethics
    Lessons 1 to 18:

 pdf   1. The truth about yoga
 pdf   2. Problems of spiritual renewal

3. The meaning of life
4. Karma and forming of fate
 pdf   5. Might and meaning of thoughts
 6. Self-help through proper thinking
 7. Reincarnation – yes or no?
          8. The meaning of suffering
 9. Absolution or personal responsibility?
        10. Dharma and life-task
        11. Death and Rebirth
        12. Devotions and sacrifice
        13. The relationship of the sexes
        14. Marital problems
        15. Living Ethics and education

        16. Living Ethics and everyday life
        17. Living Ethics and nutrition
        18. Living Ethics and art


   Spiritual training
   Lessons 19 to 36:

              19. Living Ethics – doctrine of life
              20. Chakras or centers of higher consciousness
              21. The spiritual meaning of the heart
              22. The widening of consciousness
              23. The subtle constitution of man
              24. Monad or spiritual grain
              25. The construction of the universe and the Cosmoses
              26. Subtle world
              27. Fiery world
              28. Brotherhood
              29. The universal understanding of God
              30. The Mother of the world
              31. Occultism – yes or no?
              32. Danger and meanders of occultism
              33. Good and evil
              34. The coming world
              35. Infinity
              36. The path of the masters